Graphic Design

Personal Logo & Animation

This is my personal logo (which I’m yet to update my folio with this branding) which I designed using Illustrator and animated using After Effects!

Midland Medical Centre

This job was requested by MMC (Midland Medical Centre), it was asked that the logo contained “Blue, red, MMC and it be medical related”. So with this in mind I messed around with a few ideas, one of which was pretty simple, a red and blue pill (left). But I found this was too simple and not strong enough to stand out.

I eventually came to the idea of a cross mixed with a heart (right) to represent good health and customer satisfcation/care.

University Montage Project

A project for my first trimester of my Bachelor of Design was to photograph many objects that would be used in a montage that highlights the design elements. The bottom two montages I’m particularly proud of.

Colac Herald

Working at the Colac Herald I would occasionally be asked to create flyers for upcoming features in the paper that our advertising team could use to show potential clients if they would be interested in advertising. Above are some examples.

These are some examples of promotional work I’ve done for the Colac Herald, the most recent being an advertisment for the local Christmas Lights competition. Another being a poster for the front window of our building encourging the community to get back to 0 covid cases and follow proper hygiene protocols.

Jo's Pantry

Jo’s Pantry is a homely nature friendly store in Colac that sells a wide range of items. For this advert I wanted to highlight this range of items by laying them all out, taking up a majority of the space where a reader might see something they like the look of.

For this advert I wanted to use a combination of the homely Jo’s Pantry feel with a marker stroke type font for the marjority of text, but then to highlight the serious part of the ad, highlighting how much plastic packaging is used, I wanted to use a stronger marker style font in all caps on a highly contrasting background to stand out.

Ray Croft

This was an advert made for Ray Croft, a small clothing store in Colac. I wanted to go for a somewhat modern abstract style with some warm colours to emphasise the fact it’s a summer sale.

I wanted to use a combination of brush and bold fonts to help each font stand out.

B & W


This was just a small experiment I wanted to do, I wanted to attempt to change Ray Croft’s logo to be more in the style of a jewellery store logo. They tend to be quite simple, with a serif style font and portray elegance. I wanted to also include a small touch with the heart balloon. Looking back on this experiment now, it would’ve been better to use an object more associated with jewellery rather than a balloon.

MidWest Meats



MidWest Meats usually just uses a template for their adverts and each week would replace the foods on special. One week I was requested to redesign/update the template and I was relatively pleased with the outcome. I wanted to use the same red and blue colours as that stuck with their style. however I did want to include that cream colour seen at the bottom of the advert and possibly work that into the template itself. I also added a barbecue image for the background, that was more for this advert specifically because their current promo was for a “Summer BBQ Sale.” Emphasising this with a red outer glow to the cream coloured boxes.

Clarke & Barwood Tax

On the left is an old ad for a local accounting firm, and the right is my redesign of it. My goal was to modernise the entire style with large solid colours, a sans font style, and just in general giving more space to breathe in the elements.


While going through the pandemic, AKD wanted to place these ads alongisde others to boost moral amongst the community. In the right ad, I used elements from Adobe Stock and arranging them to the layout I desired.

Blane's Newsagency



This is another example of a redesign of a previous ad that needs a bit of a modern touch. Again, pulling some graphics from Adobe Stock, I wanted to use much nicer colours and more scripty fonts to compliments the store’s new “Blanes” logo.

18th Invitation

This was one of my personal projects for my 18th birthday invitations. This was where I could really get creative and design something that represents the style I like. Specifically with this design I liked the colours, the dark grey and rich mustard yellow colour, the yellow stands out nicely against the background making it pop. I wanted to go for a “mature” style, using caligraphy lines, a strong bold title font and a serif font for the majority of text for that touch of class.

Stepping Up

For this advert I wanted to go in a more simplistic direction. I grabbed the colours for the gradients from the official Stepping Up website and wanted to use them to surround the text. I figured as it’s an ad for getting help for drug and alcohol addiction recovery services, it would make sense to use a more calming simple background to emphasise the text in a serious yet soothing way.

Coltek Colac

In this advert created for Coltek Leading Edge Computers, it was my job to emphasise the new iPads they had just gotten in stock. I wanted to stay in line with the company’s colours and fonts while still standing out from the logo at the bottom of the advert. I wanted the iPads to be facing the text so that it’s clear what the text is referring to.

Extra work