Tokyo, Japan


The city of Tokyo was so inspiring. The architecture of buildings, the overwhelming crowds, the surplus of shops, people, technology, everything. It was all fantastic inspiration that I had to remember forever. I wanted to try and represent this seemingly never ending city through one-point perspective shots, (taking some inspiration from Stanley Kubrik’s films) which you’ll see I did for the arcade, market stalls and train station below.

I’m also quite a fan of my photo of Tokyo Tower, mostly because of the tall ratio I shot it in. I did this to really emphasise the scale of this tower, and to perhaps simulate a first person perspective to replicate what it feels like staring up at it.

Niseko, Japan


In this collection of photos I aimed to capture the dreamlike amount of snow through my photos. By having the height of the snow shown next to a figure, or using a wide angle to capture the vast amount of snow. Also showing the freezing temperatures through the blue colour grading and the fur clothing.

The photo of the ski lift is my favourite photo I took on my trip to Japan, mainly because of the composition and content (or lack thereof) in the shot.


The infinite expanse of space has interested me since I was young, and thanks to my recently equipped Nikon D7500 I’ve been able to capture the stars, milky way and moon in breathtaking detail.

Here & There

This is my collection of photos taken from day to day life, the quieter moments. In these moments I like to photograph nature, or anything natural for that matter. Although they’re not included here, I love candid shots. They capture ourselves at our purest moments, and seizing that on camera can capture a real, true emotion.